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We are a professional hair care product manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including ammonia free hair coloring cream, argan oil, multifunction perm lotion, hair color cream, and much more.

Main Products
  • Hair StylingHair styling is especially desirable for young adults who pursuit fashionable style. It includes hair clay, hair wax, gel, lotion, and etc. Hair clay and hair wax hold the styling index 10, while gel and lotion hold the styling index 9. The leave-in conditioner PPT contains silk protein essence, so it is used in combination with hair perming.
    Our company is a professional hair styling manufacturer in China.
  • ShampooAs a leading brand in the healthy hair nursing business, we provide high quality shampoo for your hair. We employ high-quality material and GMPC and ISO 9001:2008 standard to guarantee its superior quality. To suite different hair quality and provide the most suitable care, we provide different types of shampoo with different functions, such as smoothing, moisturizing, nutrition-adding, multi-function, etc.