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Bingo Hair Cosmetics Manufacture Company Ltd.

Address: No.15, Hengkeng Industrial Park, Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-36251639
Fax: +86-20-36251709

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Main Products
  • ShampooAs a leading brand in the healthy hair nursing business, we provide high quality shampoo for your hair. We employ high-quality material and GMPC and ISO 9001:2008 standard to guarantee its superior quality. To suite different hair quality and provide the most suitable care, we provide different types of shampoo with different functions, such as smoothing, moisturizing, nutrition-adding, multi-function, etc.
  • Argan OilArgan oil contains abundant nutrients that the hair needs, such as collagen, moisturizing factor and botanical extracts. Therefore it provides intense nourishment and recovers the luster and elasticity of damaged hair. It fills the damaged fibrous tissue of hair, builds up the hair line and eliminates split ends, hair brittleness and hair breakage. Thusly your hair would be ultra-smooth ...