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As a specialized hair supplies manufacturer in China, Bingo offers hair color cream, OEM / private label hair color cream, semi-permanent hair color cream, shampoo, and more.

Main Products
  • Gocare Hair Color CreamGocare hair color cream also known as professional hair color cream belongs to B formula and is enriched with botanical essence to make your hair healthier, soft, and silky. Also, it is smells good with low ammonia. Gocare permanent hair color cream gives you natural look and is suitable in 81 color shades. It is for professional and salon use only.
  • Ammonia Free Hair Coloring CreamAmmonia free hair coloring cream is suitable in 12 color shades. Having received the certificates of GMP and ISO enables us to produce high quality hair color cream, so you can feel secure to use it. In addition, it has no damage to the hair for its performance of protecting the original pigment from hair. After coloring, it will form a protective layer on the hair surface, thus making the color lasting for a long time.