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Our hair perming is an advanced hair rebonding product and its gentle formula suits all kinds of hair quality. It can create many different kinds of hair styles, straight, curly, frizz-free, etc, and its hair style after conditioning treatment lasts longer than that of its like products. It adopts high-quality sodium and alcohol 1618 as material, thusly less harmful to your hair. Its complements include vitamin repair spray and curl cure equalizer which contain keratin protein, botanical extracts and silk protein. They add nutrients and balance the moisture while shaping the hair, decreasing the damage to the least. The hair perming may contain thioglycolate, so please carry out sensitivity test before use. Apply some on the back of your ear, and you are free to use it if no allergic reaction appears within 24 hours. Avoid contact with eyes. In case it comes into eyes, rinse your eyes immediately with plenty of water. And please keep it away from children.

Using Directions of Hair Perming
1. Wash your hair first and dry it, then apply vitamin repair spray onto the hair evenly.
2. Apply product Number 1 onto the hair, leave it on for 15-25 minutes to soften the hair enough, wash the hair, and then dry it with a towel.
3. Roll the hair in intervals. Apply product 2 onto the rolls, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. After styling, wash your hair with water thoroughly.
4. Dry your hair to 50 percent dry with a towel, apply vitamin repair spray or curl cure equalizer on it, and then blow your hair dry to create your desired style.

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