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Hair Relaxer

Our hair relaxer is added with imported ingredients of high-class French perfume, thusly avoiding the unpleasant smell during and after the perm. It also contains botanical protein which balances the inner structure of the hair and adds necessary nutrients, thusly eliminating damages to the hair. The reverse osmosis technology it adopts enables it to keep the hair shiny, straight, smooth and strong for a long period of time. Our hair relaxer passes through GMPC and ISO standards, thusly having trusted quality. A bottle contains 500ml, and a carton can hold 24 bottles of it.

As an experienced hair relaxer manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products that includes OEM / private label hair color cream, hair sculpting lotion, hair wax, multifunction shampoo, and much more.

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  • Hairfactor Ion Perm LotionProduct name: Ion Perm Lotion (1+2 for straightening, 1+3 for curling)
    Brand: Hairfactor
    Size: 500ml*2 12boxes/ctn
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  • Multifunction Perm LotionThe effect of our multifunction perm lotion is different when applied in different volume or concentration, which enables the hairdresser to flexibly create different hair style according to different health states of different customers. Thusly it's especially suitable for people with mixed hair quality or newly grown hair. Our multifunction perm lotion passes through GMPC and ISO standards, thusly having trusted quality.