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Hairfactor Hair Perfume

Our Hairfactor hair perfume is especially designed for the fashionable. It contains ingredients of French perfume and has charming fragrance. Besides it also contains vitality factors, which can permeate into the core of the hair and repair its damage, thusly making your hair stronger and healthier. Our Hairfactor hair perfume passes through GMPC and ISO standards, thusly having trusted quality. A bottle contains 100ml, and a carton can hold 48 bottles of it.

As a China-based Hairfactor hair perfume manufacturer and supplier, we at Bingo also provide hair color cream, ion perm lotion, hair relaxer, calp treatment shampoo, and more.

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  • Hair SerumOur hair serum contains natural silk protein which can minimize hair frizz and repair split ends. It also contains nanoscale silicone molecules that can repair multi porous surface of the hair shaft. It especially suits permed and colored hair for it helps to formulate a special UVA-UVB filter around the hair to prevent color fading. Therefore it provides protection for your hair and softens it at the same time.
  • Hairdesign PPT Shining and Repair CreamOur Hairdesign PPT shining and repair cream is developed by applying Super Micro P.P.T Protein, which is 100 times smaller than ordinary protein and can penetrate into the hair core. It also contains active silicon which can moisturize and nourish the hair and form a protective layer at the same time to keep the water and nutrition from losing.