Rizo's Vitamin Hair Repair Spray

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Rizo's Vitamin Hair Repair Spray

Our Rizo's vitamin repair spray contains a very special linked protein, amino acid &-17, which is a very crucial component of our hair. It not only adds amino acid &-17 to the hair, but also tightens the chaff scale at the same time, so it prevents the amino acid &-17 from losing. After a long time use, you will have your hair quality obviously improved. There will no longer be furcated or knotting hair, but a head of smooth, shiny and soft hair. Our Rizo's vitamin repair spray passes through GMPC and ISO standards, thusly having trusted quality. A bottle contains 300ml, and a carton can hold 48 bottles of it.

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  • Gocare Vitamin Hair Repair SprayOur Gocare vitamin repair spray contains special botanical extract abstracted from green tea and collagen from wheat which add abundant nutrients to your hair. It strengthens the fiber strength and recovers damaged chaff scale, thusly avoiding furcated and fragile hair. Keep using it, and you will have a head of shiny, soft and smooth hair.
  • Posa Vitamin Hair Repair SprayOur Posa vitamin repair spray contains rich vitamin E, which can slow down the ageing process of the keratinocytes in the hair. It effectively recovers damaged chaff scale and split hair ends. At the same time it helps to formulate a protective layer around the hair, which keeps the nutrients from losing and recovers the hair to shiny and smooth state.