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Hairfactor Nutrition Shampoo

Our Hairfactor Nutrition Shampoo contains patented PTP which can boost the rebirth of the cells in your scalp, thusly providing better growth condition for your hair. It also contains amino acid, lactic acid, collagen and special extracts from milk, which can nourish your hair deeply from the root to the tip, and recover it from damage immediately. Thusly your dry and dim hair would reborn to be shinny and soft. Our Hairfactor Nutrition Shampoo passes through GMPC and ISO standards, thusly having trusted quality. We also provide bottles of different volumes for your option, 500ml and 900ml, and a carton can hold 36 or 24 bottles respectively.

We are a China-based Hairfactor nutrition shampoo manufacturer and supplier. We also offer ammonia free hair coloring cream, hair treatment, hair conditioner, multifunction perm lotion, and more.

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