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Hairdesign Nutrition Moisture Shampoo

Our Hairdesign nutrition moisture shampoo contains rich Vitamin E, wheat amino acid and essential oil, and a special botanical extract which is abstracted from tea trees. It recovers damaged hair and smoothes the frizzy hair. It adds all kinds of nutrition to your hair and provides gentle and exclusive care. It also effective removes the oil and dandruff from your scalp and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Thusly your hair is always shine and in shape. Our Hairdesign nutrition moisture shampoo passes through GMPC and ISO standards, thusly having trusted quality. We provide bottles of different volumes for your option, 500ml and 1000ml, and a carton can hold 36 or 12 bottles respectively.

Our company is a professional Hairdesign nutrition moisture shampoo manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer semi-permanent hair color cream, hair perfume, argan oil, hair relaxer, and more.

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