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Hair Styling

Hair styling is especially desirable for young adults who pursuit fashionable style. It includes hair clay, hair wax, gel, lotion, and etc. Hair clay and hair wax hold the styling index 10, while gel and lotion hold the styling index 9. The leave-in conditioner PPT contains silk protein essence, so it is used in combination with hair perming.

Our company is a professional hair styling manufacturer in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including wave perm lotion, ammonia free hair coloring cream, scalp treatment shampoo, argan oil, among others.

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  • Gocare Refreshing ShampooOur Gocare refreshing shampoo contains a balanced cleansing complex agent, which is abstracted from the sea mineral. It can completely clean the clogging deposits in your hair follicle and inhibits the growth of bacteria. It moisturizes your hair to restore its shine and bounce and can significantly reduce hair loss by creating better growth condition for the hair.
  • Gocare Multifunction ShampooGocare multi function shampoo contains rich Vitamin E, wheat amino acid and essential oil, which can smooth and soften your frizzy hair. It can completely clean the clogging deposits in your hair follicle and free your scalp from dandruff. After using it for a while, you can see your hair quality is effectively improved, shine and bounce.