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Gocare Matte Look Hair Spray

Gocare matte look Hair spray contains natural essentials like silk, Vitamin E, and collagen amino acid to replenish the essential elements while styling. Also, it helps your hair voiding UV damage. Moreover, you can feel secure to use it since having received the certificates GMPC and ISO enables us to provide high quality hair gel. It comes in 230ml per pieces and 48pieces per carton.

Hair damage does not appear in one day, intensive and systematic care is of great importance. our product can be use as intensive and systematic care for all hair types. By constantly using, you will gain curative effect.

Condition with Gocare hair care products after shampoo your hair. Dry your hair with towel, and then distribute Gocare matte look hair spray to it.

Deionized water, pvp/va copolymerhydroyethy cellulose, siliconevinylpyrrolidone, proben poly-quaterniumll, polyquaternium 16 panthenol, collagen amino acid, napca tocophenone - 4, propylene glycolmethyl paraben, fragrance, fd&c.

As a China-based Gocare matte look hair spray manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides OEM / private label hair color cream, argan oil, hair clay, ion perm lotion, and more.

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