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Posa Hair Spray

Posa hair spray not only contains bamboo extract to enhance the molding, but also involves vitamin composites to make hair retain moisture. It can be evenly and easily sprayed onto the hair to create long lasting molding effect for all hair types. Above all, it comes with high quality since we have received the certificates of GMPC and ISO. 500ml per piece and 24 pieces per carton are available.

Bingo is a China-based Posa hair spray manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as ammonia free hair coloring cream, multifunction perm lotion, hair conditioner, hair wax, and more.

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  • Rizo's Hair SprayRizo's brand hair spray features strong controllability, fast drying and high water solubility. It can be easily and evenly sprayed onto your hair, and then forms a protective layer on the hair surface to seal in moisture. When spraying, 30cm distance should be assured. Our product is especially suitable for the final molding of your desired creation, and gives you the long lasting effect without deformation.
  • Posa Matte Look Hair SprayPosa matte look hair spray is enriched with natural essentials such as silk, Vitamin E, and collagen amino acid to replenish the essential elements while styling. Besides, it protects your hair from UV damage. Moreover, having received the certificates GMPC and ISO enables us to provide high quality hair gel, so it is secure to use it. It comes in 230ml per pieces and 48pieces per carton