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Hair Clay

Hair Clay is a styling product used for fashionable customers. The memory style system enables it instantly replenish the essential nutrients. With fibrin keratin, it effectively helps damaged hair to restore vitality. Containing PMO factor, it makes hair soften split ends and easily restore elasticity. Moreover, the contained super micro active carbon grains give a stereoscopic effect to your hair. Last but not least, our product is user friendly since having received GMPC and ISO certificates enables us to provide high quality hair clay. It gives shiny and fashionable feeling to your hair.

It is used for bit wet or dry hair. Release moderate amount into your palm according to the actual need and work into hair. Use your fingers to comb for styling hair. Then it will give you a natural look with bouncy, stylish and shiny effect.

As a specialized hair clay manufacturer and supplier in China, we also supply hair relaxer, wave perm lotion, hair color cream, ammonia free hair coloring cream, among others.

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