Posa Curl Energizer

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Posa Curl Energizer

Posa curl energizer is suitable for both hair stylist and individual user. It is used for pre-perm treatment of damage ends in professional salon. Also, it is used as perfect styling product for permanent wave, giving an extremely curling feeling to your hair. What's more, having received the certificates GMPC and ISO enable us to provide high quality curl energizer, so you can feel secure when using. It comes in 500ml per piece and 24 pieces per carton.

For pre-perm treatment, distribute moderate amount to the hair ends before the perm lotion. Do not rinse, and follow the processing as usual.
For styling, distribute thoroughly on hair after dry or curl setting.

We are a major Posa curl energizer manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including hair repair spray, argan oil, hair perfume, multifunction perm lotion, and much more.

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