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Hairdesign Fiber Hair Wax

The dynamic styling product hairdesign fiber hair wax helps fashionable users to realize any styling with fleeciness effect. The conveniently used hair wax is easily cleaned and no residue will be left on hair. It is infused with natural honey essence to improve hair moisture and thickness. The contained hydrolyzed VE cation silicone not only provides hair with effective protection against external damage like UV light, but also intensifies hair color. In addition, light collecting grains make your hair glossy and manageability. Moreover, having received GMPC and ISO certificates enables us to provide high quality hair wax, so it is safe to use it. 150ml per piece and 8 pieces per carton are available.

It is used for dry hair. Release moderate amount into your palm according to the actual need and work into hair. Use your fingers to comb for styling hair. Then it will give you a natural look with flexible, fashionable and matt effect.

Bingo is a specialized Hairdesign fiber hair wax manufacturer in China. We provide a wide array of products, including hair gel, multifunction perm lotion, hair spray, ammonia free hair coloring cream, and much more.

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