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Our hair conditioner line consists of six brands and seven items. Being enriched with unique botanical extracts, the conditioner is not only beneficial for damaged hair caused by, e.g., blow-drying or curling irons or hot rollers, but also suitable for daily hair treatment. Its basic elements are the balanced and coordinated effective materials. With target nucleo protein repair technology, its hydrolyzed protein is instantly penetrated into hair shaft, and keeps the hair in moisture and restoration effects. What's more, super micro magnesium grains enable your hair to regain tenacity and elasticity. With ceramide silk peptide moisturizing essence, moisture and color pigment can be effectively sealed in hair. Also, vegetal protein essence instantly replenishes the essential nutrients. Last but not the least, it contains silk ppt treatment factor to make hair silky and manageable.

As hair injury does not occur in one day, intensive and systematic treatment makes significant difference for all hair types. 90% of the damaged hair will restore health, manageability and vitality after having constantly used our hair conditioner for 3 weeks. Only by chronically being used, our product can bring more pliant and shinier feeling to your hair.

As an experienced hair conditioner manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products that includes semi-permanent hair color cream, hair wax, hair sculpting lotion, argan oil, and more.

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Other Products
  • Gocare Mineral Revitalizing Hair Masque SetGocare brand mineral revitalizing hair masque set, also known as mineral revitalizing hair masque set, is enriched with vitamin to offer instant conditioning when seals in moisture and color. It will make your hair come with resiliency, manageability and shine, even the over-processed hair. All chemical and chlorine residues can be removed by natural Dead Sea mineral soils.
  • Hairdesign Mineral Revitalizing Hair MasqueHairdesign brand mineral revitalizing hair masque is enriched with amino acid extract of wheat germ to help your hair restore resiliency, manageability and shine. It contains Paba-free UVA and UVB sunscreens to avoid sun damage. All chemical and chlorine residues can be removed by the contained natural Dead Sea mineral soils.