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Hairfactor Hair Treatment Masque

Hairfactor hair treatment masque is added with botanic collagen extracted from fresh wheat germs. It can deeply penetrate into hair core, replenishing the essential nutrient constituents and repairing the damaged hair. Also, our deep hair treatment masque applies natural pearl extract to provide perfect protective for hair after chemical, making hair shiny and manageability. It is especially beneficial for handling a wide range of hair related issues like dandruff hair, furcated hair, etc. In addition, GMPC and ISO certificates enable us to produce high quality hair treatment, so you can feel safe to use our product. 1000ml per set and 12 sets per carton are available.

Shampoo hair and dry it with towel. Mix 10ml essential oil with one pack of hair mask. Apply the mixture directly to hair, then leave on for 10 minutes. Heat is available if you can not wait. Finally, rinse well with water and style.

As a specialized Hairfactor hair treatment masque manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products, including semi-permanent hair color cream, argan oil, hair perfume, hair relaxer, and much more.

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