Posa One Minute Hair Treatment

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Posa One Minute Hair Treatment

Posa brand one minute hair treatment is enriched with plant essence oil to effectively penetrate into your hair core, nourishing and repairing the damaged hair. Besides, it forms a protective layer on the hair surface, reaching permanent nurturing by single use. Our product is especially beneficial for dandruff and damaged hair to soften split ends and restore vitality, silky and glossy. The contained super micro magnesium grains enable your hair to regain tenacity and elasticity. With ceramide silk peptide moisturizing essence, moisture and color pigment can be effectively sealed in hair. Also, vegetal protein essence instantly replenishes the essential nutrients. Last but not the least, it contains silk ppt treatment factor to make hair silky and manageable. 90% of the damaged hair will restore health, manageability and vitality after having constantly used our hair conditioner for 3 weeks.

GMPC and ISO certificates having received makes us to provide high quality hair treatment, so it is safe to use it. 500ml per piece and 24 pieces per carton are available.

Bingo is a specialized Posa one minute hair treatment manufacturer in China. We also produce ammonia free hair coloring cream, multifunction perm lotion, hair masque, hair conditioner, and more.

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