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Hairfactor Hair Masque

Hairfactor brand hair masque set adopts professional silky formula and several herbal essences to scientifically and specifically make your hair restore resiliency, manageability and shine. Especially, it is particularly beneficial for the over processed hair to restore health and natural appearance with pleasant aroma. The deep hair treatment mask extracted from natural pearl can form a protective barrier for maintaining pigment and moisture, thus making your hair shiny and silky. GMPC and ISO certificates show that we provide high quality product, so it is secure to use our hair masque. It comes in 12 sets per carton. Both 40ml*8 and 20ml*4 are available.

Shampoo your hair and dry it with towel. Mix 10ml essential oil with one pack of hair mask. Then apply the mixture directly to hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Heat is also available if you can't wait for so long. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and style.

We are an experienced Hairfactor hair masque manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including scalp treatment shampoo, OEM / private label hair color cream, hair treatment, argan oil, and much more.

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