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Hair color cream is less irritant with low ammonia and for professional hair salon use only. It is enriched with camellis sinensis conditioner and kertain nurse agent to minimize the hair damage. With GMPC management system and ISO90010:2008 quality management system, our product comes with superior quality. Therefore, permanent hair color cream gives your hair natural look with the effect lasting for at least one year. Commonly, if it is the first time for you to use, you should have a sensitivity test at least 48 hours before the coloring session. It is suitable for adults with all hair types. In addition, various packages are available for the same color according to the regions. Color cream is our main product and OEM is welcome for all the products. 70%-80% of the output is for OEM.

How to Use

1. Mix well the content of cream and selected oxidizing emulsion cream in the proportion of 1:1.
2. Apply the mixture evenly to the hair and the tips, and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Then prepare the same coloring mixture again and apply it evenly to roots dividing the hair parting by parting. After that, spread the rest of the mixture to the length of the hair; leave for another 15 minutes.
3. Application to previously colored hair: Distribute prepared coloring mixture evenly on the new hair growth and leave it for 20 minutes; then, massaging gently and evenly and adding a little warm water, work the product all down the hair to the tips and leave it on for another 15 minutes.
4. Final treatment: When the developing time is up, rinse the hair gently with warm water and wash with Gocare shampoo.

WARNING: The developing times given for each type of application should be halved according to the perming or bleaching treatment. With neutral, new generation corrector, you can lighten and color by one shade.

Strictly comply with the instructions and always wear gloves before coloring hair
If scalp injured, stop apply the mixture for avoiding any irritation or inflammation.
Some people may be allergic to color cream, so we recommend a preliminary sensitivity test.
Do not make the mixture in metal vessel.

Preliminary Sensitivity Test
Use alcohol to clean a small area behind the ear or on the elbow hollow.
Apply a small amount of coloring product for 4 times and let it dry, wait for 48 hours before washing.
Disuse the product if any local redness, swelling or itching appears in the meanwhile

As a major hair color cream manufacturer in China, we also provide ammonia free hair coloring cream, semi-permanent hair color cream, argan oil, shampoo, among others.

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