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Goldcolor Hair Coloring Cream

C formula based GoldColor hair coloring cream which provides professional solution for hair coloring is enriched with botanical essence to make your hair silky and glossy. Having received GMPC and ISO certificates enables us to provide high quality hair color cream. So you can feel secure to use it. The permanent hair color cream owns 54 color shades and comes with low ammonia, 100% gray coverage and reliable performance. The product employs aluminum tube with paper box for its package and 100ml package is available. It is for professional and salon use only.

It is mixed use with morocco oil and keratin protective, scented, oxidizing emulsion cream.
To darken 1 shade 10 vol.
To color bleached hair 20 vol.
To color one shade over another
To cover grey hair
To lighten by 1 shade
30 vol.
To lighten 2-3 shades
To lighten 3-4 shades (using super lighteners)

As an experienced Goldcolor hair color cream manufacturer in China, our company provides a wide range of products, including ion perm lotion, hair relaxer, hair treatment, semi-permanent hair color cream, among others.

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