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Hairfactor Hair Color Cream

Hair Factor hair color cream is professional hair color cream designed for the demanding public feature but is for professional and salon use only. Having been enriched with pearly agent, the A formula based hair color cream has a dazzling appearance and can make hair glossy. It features charming aroma with French perfume added to the formula. Moreover, our product will give you natural look with perfect color and is suitable in 63 color shades.

HairFactor brand hair color cream applies advanced production technology and adds quality ingredients. And we have received GMPC and ISO certificates, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the products. Therefore, clients can feel secure to buy our product. What's more, aluminum tube with paper box is adopted for package and two kinds of sizes like100ml and 60ml are available for you to choose.

It is mixed used with pearly and Keratin protective, scented, oxidizing emulsion cream
To darken 1 shade 10 vol.
To color bleached hair 20 vol.
To color one shade over another
To cover grey hair
To lighten by 1 shade
30 vol.
To lighten 2-3 shades
To lighten 3-4 shades (using super lighteners)

Our company is a specialized Hairfactor hair color cream manufacturer in China. Besides OEM / private label hair color cream, we also provide argan oil, shampoo, multifunction perm lotion, and much more.

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