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Hair Product Manufacturer

Bingo Hair Cosmetics Manufacture Ltd. is a Chinese hair product manufacturer founded in 2001 on the strong foundation of a "win through quality" strategy.We are primarily engaged in the manufacturing of hair color cream, hair conditioner, hair wax, hair gel, hair spray, shampoo, and related hair products. As part of a joint venture with an excellent Italian hair care company, we have adopted formulations directly from Italy. Our quality products are popular for hair coloring, hair care, hair styling, hair repairing, and hair perming applications. A strict quality supervision system and over ten years of experience in product research, manufacturing, and inspection enable us to provide high-quality hair serum, perm lotion, and many more hair products to a wide base of consumers.
  • Gocare Hair Color Cream Gocare Hair Color CreamGocare hair color cream also known as professional hair color cream belongs to B formula and is enriched with botanical essence to make your hair healthier, soft, and silky. Also, it is smells good with low ammonia. Gocare permanent hair color cream gives you natural look and is suitable in 81 color shades. It is for professional and salon use only.
  • Posa Hair Color Cream Posa Hair Color CreamPosa brand hair color cream which is B formula based provides a professional solution for hair coloring, but is for professional and salon use only. It contains botanical essence to make your hair silky and glossy. With low ammonia, it comes with charming aroma and stability. What's more, having received GMPC and ISO certificates enables us to provide high quality products.
  • Ammonia Free Hair Coloring Cream Ammonia Free Hair Coloring CreamAmmonia free hair coloring cream is suitable in 12 color shades. Having received the certificates of GMP and ISO enables us to produce high quality hair color cream, so you can feel secure to use it. In addition, it has no damage to the hair for its performance of protecting the original pigment from hair. After coloring, it will form a protective ...
  • Semi-permanent Hair Color Cream Semi-permanent Hair Color CreamSemi-permanent ammonia free hair color cream has no damage to your hair for its performance of protecting the original pigment from hair. The certificates of GMP and ISO enable us to produce high quality hair color cream and the product is filed in REACH, so you can feel secure to use it. And after coloring, a protective layer will be formed on the hair surface ...
  • Hair Styling Hair StylingHair styling is especially desirable for young adults who pursuit fashionable style. It includes hair clay, hair wax, gel, lotion, and etc. Hair clay and hair wax hold the styling index 10, while gel and lotion hold the styling index 9. The leave-in conditioner PPT contains silk protein essence, so it is used in combination with hair perming.
    Our company is a professional hair styling manufacturer in China.
  • Shampoo ShampooAs a leading brand in the healthy hair nursing business, we provide high quality shampoo for your hair. We employ high-quality material and GMPC and ISO 9001:2008 standard to guarantee its superior quality. To suite different hair quality and provide the most suitable care, we provide different types of shampoo with different functions, such as smoothing, moisturizing, nutrition-adding, multi-function, etc.
  • Morocco Argan Oil Morocco Argan OilMorocco argan oil is very unique. It can be instantly absorbed into the hair to produce luminous shine and silky perfection for all types of hair. Long time of use can help you to achieve a head of shiny, soft, smooth and amazingly attractive hair.
    Argan oil contains abundant nutrients that the hair needs, such as collagen, moisturizing factor and botanical extracts.
  • Multifunction Perm Lotion Multifunction Perm LotionThe effect of our multifunction perm lotion is different when applied in different volume or concentration, which enables the hairdresser to flexibly create different hair style according to different health states of different customers. Thusly it's especially suitable for people with mixed hair quality or newly grown hair. Our multifunction perm lotion passes through GMPC and ISO standards ...

Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong. Located in Guangzhou, China, our factory covers 3,000 square meters and has over 100 employees. We have seven main departments, including R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Sales, Personnel, Warehouse, and the Dyeing Intermediate Preparation Center. Through the use of superior technology we manufacture reasonably-priced, high-quality hair serum, perm lotion, hair mask, hair sculpting lotion, and much more. As a result of our efforts, our exports totaled over 7 million USD in 2010, and we have earned highly regarded position in the hair care products field.

Bingo Hair Cosmetics Manufacture Ltd. primarily manufactures hair color cream, shampoo, hair conditioner, styling products, straightening products, dyeing products, and perm products. We now have a monthly production capability of 500 metric tons. The use of an Italian, fully logic controlled system machine TGM for filling coloring cream allows us to increase efficiency and product quality. We also utilize automatic shampoo and conditioner filling production lines, Hitachi ink jet printers, automatic vacuum emulsification boilers, Avery Dennison labeling machines, tri-dimensional packers, and an advanced waste water processor which regenerates waste water above 15 metric tons. Our products can be stored for ten years at room temperature. All of our hair products are made according to the safety ordinances of China, the USA, and Europe, so customers can feel secure in using any of our extensive line of products.

We have built excellent relationships with domestic and overseas customers with our high-quality products, first-class management system, and excellent after-sales service. We welcome all inquires and orders, no matter your location.